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Welcome to Our Parish

Dear Friends in Christ, 

As Pastor of St. Gabriel the Archangel, I am delighted to welcome you to our website and to our community! As stewards of the Gospel, we are profoundly aware of our mission, and the importance of using our own gifts for the glory of God's Kingdom.

We invite you to explore this site, visit our parish,and join us in our mission of spreading the Gospel message.

We think that you will find a warm and welcoming home as we worship and work together in transforming our culture in Christ's love.

May God's blessing be with you always!

Rev. Kirk J.Slattery, Pastor



You can catch the live stream and video highlights of the Papal visit to the USA from either one of these two diocese links:


Adult Catechesis

Come spend time in community getting closer to our Heavenly Father, His Wonderous Son and the Holy Spirit.

Approach closer to Jesus through the heart of our Blessed Mother and the holy men and women of our Church.

YDisciple - Youth Ministry

YDisciple is a Catholic Youth Ministry initiative powered by the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado. It is our firm conviction that the future of the Church depends on good youth ministry, and we are excited to be offering this program at St. Gabriel the Archangel!

Briarfest - Sept 11-12-13
Shroud Ministry
Music by Vicky Kolman
Spanish Dancers

Kids!  Join us to express the art of dance through praise and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ!