Children must be seven or older and have completed one year catechesis prior to entering preparation for First Confession/Eucharist. Preparation for these sacraments normally takes place in the 2nd grade Faith Formation program classes.


  • Copy of Baptismal Certificate by Sep 24th

  • 75% attendance in all classes

  • Sacramental preparation is a two-year process

  • Involvement by Parents and Sponsors is essential

Download the First Communion Important Dates 2017-2018



BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE with name and address of the church:
Due upon Registration or AUGUST 26, 2017

First Reconciliation Preparation

 9/14                   Parent Meeting 6:30-7:30
10/26                 Q&A 6:30-7:30
11/4                   Reconciliation Retreat 8:30-noon 
12/2, 9, 16       First Reconciliation 12:00-1:00pm *dates subject to change

First Eucharist Preparation

1/11                     Parent Meeting 6:30-7:30
2/22                     Q&A 6:30-7:30
4/14                     First Communion Retreat 8:30-Noon
5/19, 5/20         First Communion at 5:00 *dates subject to change


Dress code for First Communion

Girls – Dress In good taste is requested and should be appropriate for important life occasions. Shoulders must be covered. If you have spaghetti straps dress should be covered with a white sweater or shawl. No white gloves as you will be receiving communion by mouth or hands.

Boys – White long sleeve or short sleeve shirt. Pants can be black, brown, blue or tan. If you want to wear a suit please make sure you have a white shirt. Jackets shouldn’t be worn upon receiving Communion.

Points of Contact:

Deacon Mike McGrady
Director of Faith Formation


Cindy Martinez
Faith Formation Administrator