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Sound Board

Mission:  Ensure that voice and music is transmitted throughout the church and that all parishioners can hear and understand all parts of the services.

Main Services: Sound technicians need to arrive before Mass to ensure that the sound board is correctly functioning, that all microphones are on and that the portable microphones have new or charged batteries.  During the service, sound techs control the volume of sound from various locations (priests, deacons, choir, lectors and announcers) and ensure that the sound projects properly throughout the church.  Technicians will also be required to volunteer during alternative services; such as, weddings, funerals, Stations of the Cross, etc.

Minister Requirements: Must be High School age or above, comfortable operating electronic equipment and an ability to follow the Mass in order to turn on/off microphones at appropriate times throughout the Mass.

Point of Contact:

Steve Rochford
Email Steve about the Sound Board Ministry

Training Videos

Sound Tech Training #1 - Microphone Mechanics




Sound Tech Training #2 – Working with Microphones




Sound Tech Training #3 – Microphone Principles




Sound Tech Training #4 – Working with Sound System




Sound Tech Training #5 – Working with the Soundcraft Mixer – Previous Mixer




Sound Tech Training #6 – Working with the new Behringer Digital Mixer (Coming Soon)