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The Outreach group of ministries are those ministries that have an outward focus of serving those in need.  Each ministry serves a vital role in helping all of God's children who are in need.  We invite all parishioners to join in the activities of these ministries as much as possible and to consider volunteering your time and talent to one or more of these ministries. 

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Food Pantry
Food Pantry items are collected the last full weekend of each month. Donations are delivered to Mercy's Gate for distribution. For more information contact Janet Hutchinson at 719-278-3443.

Fostering Hope
 Fostering Hope’s ministry at St Gabriel consists of a small group of volunteers who assist and befriend a local foster family who cares for adolescent boys. Contact Marilyn Szorc by Phone at 719-634-8588 or by Email at

Tithing Committee
A percentage of our offertory is donated weekly to support different organizations in the Pikes Peak region and beyond. Click here to see how the "Work of Our Hands" makes a difference through our weekly tithe.

Download the Tithe Applicant Guidelines

Download the Tithe Application

Download the Tithe Schedule

Outreach Ministries
Saint Gabriel's Outreach Committee strives to embody the fundamentals of Catholic Social teaching. These teachings include the belief in human dignity, the fundamental right to life, caring for the poor and vulnerable and safeguarding God's creation.

To help build the faith of the Church in Christ in accord with the teachings of the Magisterium using the intellectually and scientifically credible illuminating power of the Shroud of Turin in a way that is accessible to all members of the Body of Christ.   Our goal is for Saint Gabriel the Archangel Parish to serve as a pilot effort and example for the Church as a whole to recognize and use the Shroud for increasing faith in Christ and particularly in His Eucharistic Presence amongst us. For more information contact John Jackson at  719-599-5755

To that end we lead a variety of clothing and food drives including Thanksgiving food baskets and the Christmas Giving Tree. We also sponsor a Fair Trade program ensuring the coffee farmers in developing countries receive a living wage for their labors. We care for God's creation through our recycling and awareness programs.  For more information contact Janet Hutchinson at

Outreach Contact:

Janet Hutchinson

Email Janet about Outreach