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Turin Shroud Center of Colorado (TSC)

TSC Instructors

John Jackson

Ph.D. Physics, B.A. Religious Studies, President of the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) that examined Shroud directly in Turin, Italy in 1978, President TSC.

Rebecca Jackson

MBA, Orthodox Jewish scholar and convert to the Catholic Faith, Administrative and Vice president TSC.

Both Rebecca and John are graduates of the four-year Catholic Biblical School and two-year Catholic Catechetical School of the Archdiocese of Denver and are members of St Gabriel the Archangel parish and are Knight and Lady of the Holy Sepulcher.

Contact at TSC: 719-599-5755 or,

About the Seminar

  • An educational program on the Shroud offered by TSC.

  • Designed to provide an interesting in-depth study of the Shroud based on the research studies of TSC on scientific and theological issues of importance.

  • Consists of twelve (12) inter-related topics of study.

  • Each seminar will be presented each month beginning TBD and ending TBD.

  • Successful completion of the entire 12-program study will result in a certificate of completion awarded by TSC.

  • Seminars will also be given at the TSC Presentation Center and can be arranged by contacting TSC at (719) 599-5755.

  • Seminar Program is offered free to St. Gabriel’s parish members in gratitude by TSC for the parish’s hosting of the Shroud Exhibit.